Flag Football

We run two flag football seasons a year between April and November. But you can...

Flag football is played on Sunday afternoons at Sunnyside Park. 

Each week your team will have one 50 minute game. League rules can be found here.

This is an adult/co-ed league with divisions to fit your levels of skill and competition.

The format is 8v8 with at least three females on the field at all times. Aim for 10 players on your roster, subs are nice to have in this sport :)

We'll play 7 weeks of "regular season" games followed by a single-elimination two-week playoff tournament. 

You're guaranteed 8 games and a Beehive shirt with your registration! We bring the equipment, referees and reserve the field space. 

Individuals and small groups are welcome! We'll place you on a team before the season starts!

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