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Registration Dates:
2012-06-27 – Thu Jul 26 23:59:59 EDT 2012 early bird
Fri Jul 27 00:00:00 EDT 2012 – 2012-08-26 regular
Beehive Sport and Social Club, Greek Knights and Budweiser
Group Fees
Early Bird 15.0 per player + 1.0 Processing Fee
Regular 20.0 per player + 1.0 Processing Fee
Individual Fees
Early Bird 15.0 + 1.0 Processing Fee
Regular 20.0 + 1.0 Processing Fee

What is a Beer Games you might ask? Good question.

The BeehiveSSC Beer Games is a chance for Utah's 21+, adult beverage enjoying community to come together in the spirit of camaraderie and casually play some time honored adult beverage games. Every team will get 6 20 minute rounds of some round robin gameplay.  In pursuit we promise you'll meet some of the most fun people in Salt Lake City, drink some beer and have a whole bunch of fun.  We should all be so lucky!

What's "sports" are on tap? Glad you asked.

  • Beer Pong - We'll put 3 tables side-by-side and have a winner take all 10 cup, 6 v 6 matchup.
  • Flip Cup - An endearing classic where you and 5 teammates will square off against other teams.  
  • Beer Baseball - Baseball rules adapted for a table, cups and ping pong balls.  You'll play one baseball game of 5 innings against another squad.
  • Speed Quarters – Try to bounce your quarter into the shot glass before the other team to eliminate their players.

How will teams be formed? We were just getting to that.

First things first, teams are composed of 6 people, 2 of which must be female.  If you'd like to put together your own team that's great, don't let us get in your way.  If you'd like to be put on a team just sign up as a single and we can find a fun group of people to pair you with.  If you have 2 friends that you'd like to play with we can fill out your team no problemo.

How much does it cost? You'll like this

First let's look at what you can expect to get....4+ hours of well-organized adult entertainment on a Saturday night, a chance to win the Gold Beer Belt. There will be gift cards, t-shirts, and BeehiveSSC registrations as prizes as well as shirts for sale.

Now the damage...ONLY $15 if you register before July 22nd.  If you register after July 22nd it's $20.  Save a dollar a day and you'll have way more than you need.

Anything else I should know? Yes'm

After we get your registration we'll be in touch shortly with more information. IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GAMES YOU MUST PREREGISTER!!!

Check out our Facebook and the Rules for the games! 

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